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D' Bandit - October 14, 2022

On Da Radar Oct 2022

Lyrikal - Road To Bacchanal (Road Bounce Riddim)
Adam O X Salty - She Ready (Road Bounce Riddim)
Problem Child X Viking Ding Dong - None Ya raw (Road Bounce Riddim)
Nadia Batson - Soca Party (Road Bounce Riddim)
Swick B - Magnum Riddim (Instrumental)
Patrice Roberts - Sugar Cake (Magnum Riddim)
Problem Child - Spellbound (Magnum Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - Sugar Cake (Magnum Riddim)
Shal Marshall - Shell Way (Magnum Riddim)
Preedy - Nine To Five (Magnum Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - Double Bubble big Cup Riddim
Dj Avalanche & King Bubba - Drinkers Anthem big Cup Riddim (8)
Lyrikal - Live It Up (My Mood) big Cup Riddim
Patrice Roberts Ft. Timo - Fall In Love
Ricardo Drue - Gps (Clean) big Cup Riddim
Dj Cheem & Lil Rick - Bashment (Action Start) (Red Dead Riddim) raw
Walkes & Freshie - Drill It (Red Dead Riddim) raw
Brucelee Almightee - Mauby (Red Dead Riddim) (Radio)
Mole De Chief - Less Noise (Hush) Red Dead Riddim)
Stiffy - De Rose clean (Nutcake Riddim)
Nailah Blackman, Father Philis & Salty - Teknique (Bum Bum Bum)
Crown - Carnival Love (Clean)
Sly - Risk It All
Dash Ft Mr. Gold'n - 10 Scores
Edwin Yearwood - Request (Groove King Riddim) (12)
Marzville - Rude (Groove King Riddim) (12)
Preedy - Fete King (Groove King Riddim) (12)
Red The Artist - Til Morning (Good Service Riddim)
Marzville - Wuk U Tonite (Good Service Riddim)
Faith Callender X Nikita - Bestie (Good Service Riddim)
Grynner - Grynner Behind Her
Dj Private Ryan X Nessa Preppy - Nasty Flow (Clean)
Marvay - Focus On You
Nailah Blackman - Wine Low
Jus D - Single
Lead Pipe - Garden (Senegalese Riddim)
Dj Private Ryan X Nessa Preppy - Nasty Flow (Clean)
Marvay - Focus On You
Nailah Blackman - Wine Low
Jus D - Single
Saddis - Hooked (Senegalese Riddim)
Lead Pipe - Garden (Senegalese Riddim)
Shaquille Gfg - Love You U (Senegalese Riddim)
Nikita - Drug (Senegalese Riddim)
Hypasounds - Barbados Nice
Nailah Blackman - Calypso Baby
Teamfoxx - Dwive' Riddim (Instrumental)
Motto - Puma clean (Dwive' Riddim)
Blackboy Ft. Supa Nytro - Bum Chick (Dwive' Riddim)
Sedale - Dwive (Dwive' Riddim)
Motto - Chicken & Rice Roadmix
Freezy - Well Bless (What Your Mother Gave You) (Chicken And Rice Riddim)
Teddyson John Ft. Cooyah - Sink In Your Back (Chicken And Rice Riddim)
Blackboy - Fey (Do It) (Chicken And Rice Riddim)
Dj Starr X Klassik Frescobar - Ice Cream (Dagga) (Clean)
Mole De Chief - Wha U Gaw Do (Clean)
Jagwa De Champ - Animal (Clean)
Hypasounds - Balance Batty
King Bubba Fm - Party Can't Done (8)
Patrice Roberts - Some Of This (Fair Exchange) (8)
Problem Child - Good Ride
Kes - Mechanic (Rocket Fuel Riddim)
Shaquille - Lovin
Teddyson John - Howdy
Taller Dan X Sedale - Beautiful
Mr Legz X Hollywood Hp - Bad Names
Arthur Allain - Feeling Irie (Retro Fete Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - Sauce (Retro Fete Riddim)
Problem Child - Too Bad Mind (Retro Fete Riddim)
Marzville - I Want To Wuk (Retro Fete Riddim)
Teddyson John - Party Nice (Retro Fete Riddim)
Farmer Nappy X Teddyson John - Everything Good
Farmer Nappy - Ole Talk (Rish 8b) hot Sun Riddim
Lyrikal - Candle (Rish 8b) hot Sun Riddim
Nadia Batson - Coming Back Fuh Yuh (Rish 8b) hot Sun Riddim
Viking Ding Dong - Good Fete (Rish 8b) hot Sun Riddim
Patrice Roberts, Dj Private Ryan & Freetown Collective - World On Fire (Feat. Nigel Rojas)
Vghn - Save The Soil (Rish 8b) (Save Soil Riddim)
Alison Hinds - Grow Forever (Rish 8b) (Save Soil Riddim)
Machel Montano - Touch The Ground (Save Soil) (Rish 8b) (Save Soil Riddim)
Wildxfire - Miami (Intro Edit)
Pahjo X Anika Berry - Goosebumps (Miami Intro)
Chingee - Come Nah (Scarborough Riddim)
Sekon Sta - One Jam (Scarborough Riddim)
Kernal Roberts - Outside Nice (Scarborough Riddim)
Zan & Adana Robert - We Reach (Scarborough Riddim)
Shurwayne Winchester - To Be Gonian (Scarborough Riddim)
Kernal Roberts - Cover We
Vghn - Finally (Riddim Master Edit)