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Groovie Town 2020

D' Bandit - August 9, 2020

Groovie Town 2020

A smooth mix of 2020 Groovy Soca

Machel Montano X Teddy Rhymez - Stink Behaviour (Soundboy Ryan Intro)
Machel Montano X Teddy Rhymez - Stink Behavior (Dj Puffy & Scratch Master Roadmix)
King Bubba Fm - Ride It
King Bubba Fm - She Always Bend Over (Big Yam Riddim)
Trinidad Madman Aka Super Pink - Marrid (if I Was to Marry) (Glo Coco Riddim)
Preedy - Yuh Bad (No Stressin) (Jester Remix Edit)
Imani Ray - Take Jam Yuh Bad Riddim
Kerwin Du Bois - Stink Face Yuh Bad Riddim
Nailah Blackman - Bam Bam Season (10)
Nadia Batson - Fatt (Soundboy Ryan Intro) (Caution Riddim)
Nadia Batson - Fattt (Caution Riddim)
Nadia Batson - Fattt (Outer World Ent X Jayon Universe Refix) caution Riddim
Lyrikal - Do Like That (Caution Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - Up & Up (Outer World Ent X Jayon Universe Roadmix) caution Riddim
Skinny Fabulous - Up & Up (Caution Riddim)
Swappi - Jumbie Head (Soundboy Ryan Intro)
Swappi X Ultimate Rejects - Jumbie Head
Swappi X Ultimate Rejects - Feeling It
Patrice Roberts - Happy Carnival
Freetown Collective & Private Ryan - Feel the Love (Private Ryan X Jeff Jam Party Intro)
Freetown Collective X Private Ryan - Feel the Love Alternate Acoustic (Dj Intro Outro)
Kes X Private Ryan - Reason to Love (Energy)
Kes & Voice - Dear Promoter (Jester Festival Edit)
Voice & Kes - Dear Promoter
Wetty Beatz Ft. Triniboi Joocie - B.O.H (Bottle Over Head)
Hypasounds - No Respect
Hypasounds - Mizik
Boyzie - Need Ah Fete
Ricardo Drue - Homesick (Crown Prince Intro)
Nailah Blackman - More Sokah
Alison Hinds - West Indian CMP X Jeff Jam Intro
V'ghn - Soca Nice
Skinny Banton - Wrong Again (Horn Machine Riddim)
Lavaman - Rum
Voice - By Any Means
Ravi B - Headshots
Hey Choppi - Captain
Blaxx - Remove Yuhself (Mailbox Riddim)
Shal Marshall & Madness M.uv - Top Ranking (Mailbox Riddim)
Leadpipe X Jus Jay - Sometime (DSP Refix)
Turner - Woman & Party djmagnet Intro (Ti Punch Riddim)
Nyce Nation Records - Colors Riddim instrumental
Melick - Colors raw
Sk - Tek Position (Clean)
Mole - Breathe (Clean)
Lil Rick - itaintme (Clean)
Viking Ding Dong - We Outside (Saint Pepsi Refix) (Knock About Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - Real Woman (Knock About Riddim)
Sekon Sta - Waste Man (Knock About Riddim)
Mical Teja - Birthday (Knock About Riddim)
Viking Ding Dong - Outside (Knock About Riddim)
Nailah Blackman - Sweet & Loco
Kerwin Du Bois & Adana Roberts - No Tomorrow (Classy Riddim)
Lyndsey - Private Party (Classy Riddim)
Voice & Keoné - Ms. Carnival (Classy Riddim)
Orlando Octave - What She Want (Kanboulay Riddim)
Christo - Gimme (Kanboulay Riddim)
Christo - Soca Feeling (Push Back)
College Boy Jesse - Happy Song (Happy Riddim)
Turner - Party Ram (Happy Riddim)
Teddyson John - Kité Sa (Leave)
Teddyson John X Private Ryan - X Games (Marfan Roadmix)
Sekon Sta X Private Ryan - Sauce (Marfan Roadmix)
Angela Hunte X Private Ryan - Middle (Marfan Roadmix)
Machel Montano - Play Harder (Carbon Universe Roadmix) (Pop's Guitar Riddim)
Machel Montano & Madness M.u.v - Play Harder (M.U.V Intro) (Pop's Guitar Riddim)
Machel Montano - Play Harder (Pop's Guitar Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - Carry on (Jester Vip Edit)
Patrice Roberts - Carry on (Pop's Guitar Riddim)
Problem Child & Madness M.u.v - Feel It (M.u.v Intro) (Pop's Guitar Riddim)
Problem Child - Feel It (Pop's Guitar Riddim)
Hypasounds - Fair Sa (Feh Sa)
Motto Ft. Blackboy & Ezra - Man With Ride (Saint Pepsi Refix) (Big Ride Riddim)
Blackboy - Touch Pon Di Floor
Motto Ft Blackboy & Ezra - Man With Ride (Big Ride) (8)
Motto X Soundboy Ryan - Man With Ride (Big Ride) (Soundboy Ryan Remix)
Sly (Vye Twizen) Vtb - Mix Up (8)
Machel Montano X Teamfoxx - Gih Dem (Big Ride Riddim)
Teddyson John - Creme De La Creme (Fuse Riddim) (8)
Kelly B - Bum Bum Skill (Fuse Riddim)
Machel Montano X Salty - Boss Wine (Free Up Riddim)
Nailah Blackman - Oil Drum (Free Up Riddim)
Kelly B - Anything Goes
Umpa - Baguy
Cooyah - Wit It
Salty X Sekon Sta X Skorch Bun It X Cool Blaze - Who Pay (Big Bumper) (Djmagnet Intro) (Ti Punch Riddim)
Salty X Sekon Sta X Skorch Bun It X Cool Blaze - Who Pay (Big Bumper)
Nutron X Skorch Bun It X Cool Blaze - Tambourine
Sekon Sta X Skorch Bun It X Cool Blaze - Fire Blaze
Soundboy Ryan Intro - Hot Gyal Soca (Soundboy Ryan Intro) Toatin Riddim
Dev - Woman Company (Toatin Riddim)
Nadia Batson - Kiss (Toatin Riddim)
Lyrikal - No Scene (Toatin Riddim)
Shal Marshall - Hot Gyal Soca (Toatin Riddim)
Motto X Nessa Preppy - Toat No Feelings (Toatin Riddim)
Kes - Boss Lady jay D Voice & Drizzy Intro Refix(Baila Riddim)
Kes - Boss Lady (Sign Me Up) (Baila Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - Naked (Baila Riddim)
Motto - Shots epik Edit (Baila Riddim)
Motto - Shots (One for Di Road) (Baila Riddim)
Dj Cheem - Ba Ba Ben (Wine & Bend Pt 2)
Bunji Garlin and Fay-ann Lyons - Bus-a-wine (Coney Island Riddim)
Nessa Preppy - Cupid (Coney Island Riddim)
Lyrikal - Stink (Coney Island Riddim)
Fadda Fox - Show Me boom (Fender Bender Riddim)
Problem Child - Back Seat Ride (Fender Bender Riddim)
Shal Marshall - Two Knee (Fender Bender Riddim)
Freezy Ft. King Bubba - Back It Up (Remix) natox Riddim
Jagwa De Champ - Pump It or Dump It (Clean)
Adam O X Akaiiusweet - Warming Up (Top Soil Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - the Struggle (Jester Festival Intro)
Bunji Garlin - the Struggle
Trinidad Killa - Power in Soca (Dy Zess) (Carbon Media Roadmix) (Sugar Apple Riddim)
Trinidad Killa - Power in Soca M.U.V. Intro (Sugar Apple Riddim)