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Rebel - Friday November 8th, 2024

REDEMPTION in a 90s stylie

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Yow, listen up people! This is the event you've been waiting for...
Redemption: A Reggae Story! Are you ready to go back Inna 90s Stylie?
Mark your calendars! November 8th, it's all going down at Rebel! Feel the energy, feel the vibes!

Guess what? The Redemption Family DJs will be there!
We're talkin' 90s attire, people! Come dressed in your best, but hey, it's all good if you don’t!
Celebrate reggae from the 90s and beyond. We're bringing the past into the present, and it’s gonna be WICKED!
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  • Contact

  • Address

    Rebel, 11 Polson Street, Toronto, ON

  • Hours

    10:30pm - 3:30am

  • Event Type

    Special Event

  • Dates

    Friday November 8th, 2024

  • Minimum Age


  • Crowd

    Mature, Young Professionals, University/College, D Bandit Events

  • Music

    Reggae, Dance Hall

  • Tickets Release

    Tuesday September 19th at 12pm

  • Performers

    Romain Virgo and his full band

  • Performance Schedule

    Redemption DJs at 10:30pm | Romain Virgo at 01:00am | Event End at 03:30am

  • MCs or Hosts

    Mr. Presto, Lindo P, Oshawn,

  • DJ's

    D'Bandit, Black Reaction, Chris Dubbs, DJ Shy, DJ Tyrone

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